PreFlashed Plug & Play VPN Router + Keep Home IP Solutions.

This is a a hardware version of the openVPN client. It tunnels any device connected to it to multiple VPN of your choice. You can connect as many devices as you wish. And unlike any other router you will have the ability to switch VPN locations at router level.

Our easy user interface allow you to control the router intuitively using your browser from any device regardless of the operating system.

This router is a trusted solution by many digital nomads who do not wish to install any extra software on their work laptop but want to be safe while working on the go.
Read the digital nomads VPN Wiki.

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Why Flashed Router?

We designed these routers to be plug & play, travel friendly and optimized for ease of use.
The VPN subscription is built-in, no need for any extra software, vpn subscription or setup.

Unlike other routers, our vpn router is the only one with ability to switch locations at router level and requires absolutely no extra setup.

Don't take any risks - If you don't like the router you can return it up to 60 days after order.

We also offer "Keep your home IP address" with you wherever you go!

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  • • You get:
  • • Plug & Play Router
  • Shared VPN servers
  • • Built-in VPN Subscription
  • • Kill switch
  • • Email Support
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  • • Plug & Play VPN Router
  • • All the Shared servers
  • • +Own Dedicated server(s)
  • • Location of your choice
  • • 4x Faster VPN
  • • Email Support
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Home Anywhere


  • • 1x Router (Home Server)
  • • OpenVPN .ovpn Profile
  • • IP as if you are home
  • • Anti leaks
  • • Blocks Ads and Tracking
  • • Email Support
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Home Anywhere+


  • • 2x Routers (Server+Client)
  • • IP as if you are home
  • • All shared+private servers
  • • Kill switch
  • • Blocks Ads and Tracking
  • • Priority Support
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Based on solid hardware:

Our router is based on Xiaomi C4/A4 routers. This means you get wired Ethernet and wireless connectivity up to 1200Mbps. You can connect as many devices as you want to it and they will be all tunneled to a VPN.

  • Easy to use interface, (try it)
  • 2x Ethernet ports to connect to.
  • 4x Antenna for strong Wi-Fi coverage
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Plug & Play, no setup

The pre-flashed router doesn't need any further steps or any special apps to be installed. You simply plug it with your main Internet modem and it will magically connect you to VPN server of your choice. Any device that is connected to the vpn router will also be tunneled to a VPN. If you want to switch the location you simply go to the router admin panel and change it! It's super simple.

  • Simple plug and play setup.
  • Familiar no new apps, just a connection to a Wi-Fi point.
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We know VPN  users are privacy aware individuals. This router was built with security in mind. At no point your connection is compromised.

Open Source

The router firmware is open source based on OpenWrt. We have nothing to hide from our users. The user can check the source code and inspect the router's hardware too.

Plug & Play

No setup required. Just plug next to your ISP modem and wait for the new Tor Wi-Fi to pop up.

Powerful Router

Router is based on a powerful router that can handle many connection simultaneously.

No hidden fees

You pay for the router and own it for life. You will have to renew your built-in VPN subscription at 5EUR a month (paid annually) and that's it! No extra or hidden fees involved.

Support EFF

We donate portion of our sales to the EFF foundation to support them keeping our privacy safe.

How does it work?

Our router connect to a VPN server (shared, private, or your home one). You can have different setups according to your needs. For example if you are required to have a home IP address (as if you are connected from home) You will need our "Keep Home IP" solution. Where you will have 2 routers one stays at your home and the other travels with you.

Naturally we also keep our routers up to date with the latest Tor releases and flash them into the router.


User cases

  • 1. VPN for work laptop without admin rights.
  • 2. Connect any device (i.e. streaming sticks)
  • 3. Keep home IP address everywhere you go.
  • 4. Access restricted contents.
  • 5. Roll own servers at any locations you want.
  • 6. Connect to a home VPN anywhere in the world.
  • 7. None technical users, pure plug and play.

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We're happy to support you what what you need. If you are still unsure, talk to us.

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